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Business Process Management (BPM) solution

 PureWeb Business Process Management (BPM) solution is a business process management and workflow suite.

Features include:

The BPM solution has three major components:

  • The Studio: allows the user to graphically modify business processes following the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN ) standard. The user can also connect processes to other pieces of the information system (such as messaging, enterprise resource planning, enterprise content management, and databases) in order to generate an autonomous business application accessible as a web form. The Studio also allows the user to design graphically the forms that will be shown to the end user in order to interact with the process.
  • BPM Engine: The BPM engine allows you to interact programmatically with your processes.
  • The Portal: is a portal that allows each end-user to manage in a webmail-like interface all the tasks in which he or she is involved. The portal also allow the owner of a process to administer and to get reports about processes.



Our BPM solutions can be applied for various projects requiring complex workflows like Supply Chain Management, e-Government, Human Resources, Contract management etc.


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