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Website FAQs

  • Can we add & update our web pages often, can we do this by ourselves?

Yes you can ! The idea of our website packages is to allow you update the web pages easily and instantly without requiring our assistance.

  • What kind of information should I give to PureWeb in order to get my website done as soon as possible?

Firstly, you need to complete our questionnaire and submit your order and make payment immediately. After 50% or full payment is made, we will setup your site with the selected design and give access to the admin control panel so that we can have control of your website. We require at least your company logo or write up to begin customize work.

  • How many web pages can I have on my website?

There are no limit to the number of pages you can create but based on the website package limit you ordered for.

  • How long shall I wait before I can start using my website?

This depends on the complexity of your site. Our design team are up to speed and we can deliver some website within ONE WEEK, some could take two to 3 weeks depending on complexity and your arrangement with us.

  • In the future, if we request for changes on web design, how would the charges be?

It will be charged according to price set on that moment. Currently custom design is at no cost. However, any minor changes can be done without extra cost.

  • What’s the payment plan ?

As stated on our website, we require 50% initial deposit and 50% on completion.

  • How is the quality of a work guaranteed?

Our design team is committed to the highest standards of quality. We ensure that you are completely satisfied by following an iterative improvement and feedback process.

  • Are your designers technically qualified to design websites?

Our team is comprised of designers with several years experience in Web Development, Flash technologies, Programming, Graphic design and animations.

At frequent intervals, the team as a whole upgrade their skills with courses any new design technology that will help them serve the client better.

  • Are the designs compatible to Search Engine ?

Our team has a solid grasp on the workings of search engines. Every design is integrated with fundamental rules of Search Engine Optimization. This ensures a website which is perfectly placed to rank well in search engines.

  • How much cost would I incur for a website design?

Website design is a customized solution for every client and for every need. So, based on your needs and technical complexity, the designing effort will be different. If you email us your requirements in the Quote, we will be able to give you the most reasonable and competitive price in the industry.

  • What technologies are used for website design by your team?

PureWeb designs its website with php, asp , perl , xhtml, cms and Java etc.

  • Which Databases are you comfortable with?

Our developer's work with SQL Server, MySQL to create e-commerce capability.

  • Is your team capable of creating a full-fledged site?

PureWeb is technically equipped to create highly complex websites and completely interactive sites like YAHOO.

  • Can the updates be done by the client?

Absolutely. If you think that your in-house updates will be economical for you, we will set up the system , so that you can manage your own site updates.

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